Our activites

Social support in field centres – in every centre there is person that helps the deaf members of our association in dealing with the everyday issues like doctor’s appointments, finding a job, settling things at the office. Very often it takes the form of mutual self-help in a small community of the Deaf in a little town. Office in Łódź raises fund for the field centres activities.

Videotranslator – In 2012 the Act of Sign Language and Other Ways of Communicating was introduced. Since then the public institutions are obliged to provide a sign language interpreter in every office. In could take a form of a video service and this is what offer to those institutions. We have more than 100 customers all over the country. Thanks to the internet we can provide the translating service remotely via video phone or computer program.

Our publications – every year we publish books on the topics of deaf children education, history of the deaf movement in Poland, polish sing language teaching, professional activation of the Deaf, guides for the parents of deaf children etc. Most of this publications are for free, issued due to funding.

FADO – in 2013 we created the Social Cooperative FADO. It is a social company that employs deaf people and one hearing person. FADO works on the availability of the public space for people with disabilities. We try to control the current situation and influence the institutions so that the availability and its awareness were getting bigger.

We very often cooperate with schools for the deaf children all over the country, local branches of the association, local governments and state administration. Our employees consult legal acts that regulate issues significant for people with disabilities. They are also members of advisory boards at ministries e.g. education for the Deaf team at the Ministry of Education or regional Committee of Civil Dialogue on Implementing EU Convention on the Right of People with Disabilities.

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